Off the Dome blog post #1

     All too often, a person has an idea that is never shared. Sometimes we choose not to share whatever it is we are thinking. We may fear what others think regarding whatever it is we express in any given moment. Sometimes Ideas and opinions come and go before we even have the time to form them into our social economy.  Some issues are so controversial and politicized that the only way to remain neutral…is to be silent.  I intend to use this blog to capture some of the raw memes swirling around  my  “Dome” and form them into something coherent, helpful, informative…inspiring?  In my study of memetics, however rudimentary…Ive learned that some ideas have varying effects on different people. Also Many of the memes that society has embraced, are absolutely toxic. I will explore some of these and give my 2 cents, freeform, freestyle, off the dome.



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