How to play with beanie boos…

I always feel a little guilty when my daughter sees me wasting time. Could be anything…watching Netflix, playing video games, or just general not being productive. Whenever she comes to me saying “Daddy…Im bored” Im like ‘oh your bored, I can think of plenty you could be doing.’ Then, i’ll proceed to list all the “productive things she could be doing”. She quickly learned NOT to say “im bored”. However the alternative is worse, as i’ve recently noticed.  After returning from a trip, I slept most the following day. With my Wife at work, myself asleep…she was free to choose how to spend her day.  She spent the day on youtube kids. Watching videos of kids playing Beanie Boos. (Tiny toy furry animals with huge eyes) She collects them.


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I gave her the whole speech on freedom and responsibility.  We agreed that she could start her very own youtube channel where she instructs kids on how to play beanie boos. Heres the video      .how to play with beanie boos




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